Rose's is a brand of non-alcoholic cordials designed for cocktails use. Rose's has been part of Cadbury-Schweppes since 1981, but began some time after 1867, when the Merchant Shipping Act was passed, requiring a ration of lime juice for every British sailor to prevent scurvy. 

Lauchlin Rose realized that drinking straight lime juice was unpalatable for most people, and began to sweeten it with sugar, which also helped preserve it. By 1893, with a reliable market for his product, Rose bought land on the island of Dominica to establish lime plantations and expand production. In 1924, Rose's further expanded production.

Today, in addition to making Rose's lime cordial, the company has a partnership with Hans Just, a distributor in Denmark, to develop other cordial flavors. The Rose's line includes lime, grenadine, apricot, mojito, blackcurrant, strawberry, blue curaçao, cranberry, and lemon. 

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Some popular cocktails containing Rose's

  • Naval Gimlet — Gin, Lime cordial
  • Gimlet — Gin, Lime cordial
  • The Whimsey — Gin, Elderflower liqueur, Campari, Mint Bitters, Lime cordial, Orange flower water, Lime