Schweppes is a brand of soft drinks and cocktail mixers owned by the Dr. Pepper/Snapple group and made around the world by different licensees. Different Schweppes products are tailored for each home market, which makes it difficult to list available products. 

The Schweppes company was founded in 1783 in Geneva, Switzerland by Johann Jacob Schweppe in order to commercialize English chemist Joseph Priestley's discovery of carbon dioxide. He hired chemist Nicolas Paul Henri Albert Gosse and moved the business to London in 1792. At first, Schweppes products were medicinal -- naturally carbonated spring water was seen at the time as a remedy for stomach ailments, "nervous conditions" and skin problems. 

Adding quinine (discovered in 1620)  to sweetened, carbonated water to prevent malaria led to production of tonic water. With lemon flavoring added, tonic water becomes Bitter Lemon, which was introduced in 1957. Ginger ale was introduced in 1870. 

In 1969, Schweppes merged with the candy producers Cadbury Group to form Cadbury Schweppes Plc. They are now owned by the Dr. Pepper/Snapple conglomerate. For the US market, they now produce: Club soda (alkalinized sparkling water), ginger ale, tonic water, Bitter Lemon, Indian Tonic (typically a sugar sweetened tonic water), and diet versions of their line. 

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