White grape juice is grape juice made without contact from the skins of the grapes. This can either be done through crushing and pressing white grapes (where the skin has little to no color), or crushing red grapes and immediately removing the skins, preserving the pale color of the juice. 

White grape juice lacks anthocyanins, which are the chemicals that make up the color of the skin. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants, but can also have bitter flavors. White grape juice is softer, less complex tasting, and less bitter than red grape juice. 

Most white grape juice is made from the Niagara grape, a species of Vitis labrusca, and as such, retains some of the typical "foxy" character of labrusca grapes. 

Some popular cocktails containing White grape juice

  • Liquid Gold — Champagne, Cognac, Bitters, White grape juice, Lemon juice