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Our inspiration for Cobble Hill begins in Brooklyn, New York. Time spent living there was time often spent exploring amazing neighborhoods including Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Red Hook and Cobble Hill. Walking the streets of Brooklyn was often consumed by the discovery of bustling street side restaurants adorned with window sills of overflowing flower pots, sidewalk tables, and passionate chefs with unique visions creating food for their local communities. Time in Brooklyn also meant enjoying a glass of wine or crafted cocktail with our neighbors in the backyard under string lights or on our brownstone stoop under “city” lights. This is what began to shape our inspiration.

During our time there, we also began to form solid ideals of sustainability and local food. Beginning to raise our first child in a large city, we had the luxury of frequent family outings to the best farmers markets in the nation and local grocery stores striving to offer the same great products. Our vision of food starts with our belief in a better food system, begins at home with our family and carries through in all we do. We care about real food, and in doing so we hope to make an authentic connection with our customers. Now opening Cobble Hill, we hope to bring this inspiration and vision to downtown Cedar Rapids. We offer you our vision for what a restaurant should be: valuing local products, a deep dedication to craft and technique in the kitchen, food with a story, and the purest form of hospitality.