Old Fashioned (Late 20th Century)

Bourbon, Bitters, Soda water, Brandied cherry, Sugar, Orange bitters, Orange peel
2ozBourbon, Maker's Mark
1 Brandied cherry (muddled)
1twstOrange peel (muddled)
1cubeSugar (muddled)
3dsBitters, Angostura
2dsOrange bitters, Fee Brothers Orange
2ozSoda water
In an old fashioned glass, place in cherry, orange twist and sugar cube. Top with bitters, and muddle. Fill glass with ice and add bourbon. Top with soda water.
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Created byScott Diaz, Seattle, WA
AuthenticityAltered recipe
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sjdiaz21 on 12/03/2011


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Curated name from "Perfect Old Fashioned" because of the well-established conflicting meaning of the word Perfect in cocktail titles. This recipe is similar to how Old Fashioned were made in my youth. I also reordered the ingredient to help them be consistent with the Kindred Cocktails style.

This is well known in the Midwest as the Wisconsin Old Fashioned except use Korbel Brandy.

A few years ago we had a group from Wisconsin ask for "Korbel Old-Fashioneds Sour"; I had no idea what they meant but turns out this is exactly what they wanted. First time I had ever heard them called this.

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