One half summer, one half Xmas
2 oz Becherovka
1 oz Simple syrup (1:1 water:sugar)
1 oz Lemon juice
Mix and shake. Serve on the rocks in a martini bowl or lowball glass. Twist of lemon.
Rich, redolent cocktail that, though highly accessible, hints at exotic depths of spice. (Lime juice also works very well.) KC has made me aware of the Metamorphosis (served at the Eastern Standard in Boston), which uses honey syrup instead of the simple syrup used in this recipe. I've tried both (several different kinds of honey even), and this recipe is superior. The honey just muddies the complex spice profile of the Becherovka.
Something I whipped up to make use of the Becherovka my wife had in the freezer.
From other users
  • Way too sweet. Cut the simple to ¾ or even less. — ☆☆
  • Nice and simple - I added a bit to it using half lemon, half lime and homemade grenadine instead of simple syrup. Caribbean Christmas! — ☆☆☆☆
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