Thanksgiving Apéro

Cranberry shrub makes it good for Turkey Day, and for any other occasion.
1 oz Gin, Bluecoat (Citrusy gins such as Beefeater 24, New Amsterdam also good with this.)
1 oz Lillet Blanc
14 oz Cranberry shrub (Homemade using demarara & cider vinegar.)
1 spl Prosecco (Or cava, should be dry, fill flute.)
Combine gin, Lillet blanc and cranberry shrub in mixing glass over ice, stir to combine, strain into flute, top with dry prosecco or cava.
From my notes, this was tasty last Thanksgiving with homemade cranberry shrub. Might be tasty with other shrubs (i.e. cherry, kiwi, apricot) for other occasions. Cranberry shrub homemade with demarara sugar & cider vinegar as per
Whipped up à la minute last Turkey Day, 11/25/10.
Thanksgiving Apéro
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Dan, thanks for the nice

Dan, thanks for the nice picture! As for the prosecco in the shot the Mionetto secco was a great call, just what I used last Thanksgiving!