The Chunnel

1 oz Elderflower liqueur, St. Germain
2 oz Gin, Hendrick's
34 oz Meyer lemon juice
Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice and add the elderflower liqueur, gin, and lemon juice. Shake vigorously until the sides of the shaker are frosty, about 20 to 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with lemon twist, and serve.
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1 Comment

<br />A simple but satisfying

<br />A simple but satisfying cocktail, even in these waning days of fall. I ran out of Hendrick's, so I used Citadelle, which, like Hendrick's, is Juniper light and floral heavy. And fortunately I had several Meyer lemons on hand (NOTE: they keep in the frig for months, so it's worthwhile to have some on hand--they're versatile). I knew from my experience making G & T and adding Elderflower liqueur, that The Chunnel should be a satisfying drink.

It was that and more. The Elderflower ligqueur added complexity and some sweetness that would otherwise be missing. The Meyer lemon is a must for this drink; its tartness is soft but detectable, and not overwhelming. Ironically, the lemon twist, with its expressed oil, add a taste that is hard to describe, but is sorely essential for making this drink delightful. Easily, I rate this drink as 4.0. Try it, even in these late fall days. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Be sure, however, to use a gin such as Hendrick's and Citadelle, which is Juniper light and floral heavy. Otherwise, you may be sorely disappointed.