Briottet is a producer of [ingredient=brandy eau de vie] and liqueurs (including fruit liqueurs, ratafia and prunelle), and a bottler of [ingredient=rum rum], [ingredient=calvados Calvados] and [ingredient=cognac Cognac], and Marc based in Dijon, France. 

Founded in 1836 as a wine merchant, Briottet became known for making creme de cassis de Dijon, which now makes up a large percentage of their sales. Today, Gerard Briottet makes a large range of liqueurs, including flavors such as strawberry, fig, quince, griotte cherry, bergamot orange, chestnut, and rose. 

The entire Briottet line is of high quality, with pure flavors and a good level of complexity without being overly sweet.

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Some popular cocktails containing Briottet

  • Navy Rations — Rum, Sweet vermouth, Crème de bergamote, Cherry Liqueur, Pastis, Bitters, Lemon zest
  • Dolores no.2 — Rye, Overproof rum, Crème de bergamote, Amaretto, Bourbon, Lime juice, Orgeat, Hot sauce, Rich demerara syrup 2:1, Mint