Brugal is a brand of rum founded in 1888 in the Dominican Republic by Andres Brugal Montaner, who emigrated from Cuba and before that, Spain. In Cuba, Montaner had gained experience in the production of rum, but by 1920, the company began experimentation with white oak barrels in an effort to improve quality.

Brugal released an Añejo rum in 1952, and an Extra Viejo in 1976. They currently make six rums: a white and a gold, Añejo and Extra Viejo, and reserve versions of both Añejo and Extra Viejo. The Añejo is a blend of rums between two and five years old, and the Extra Viejo is between three and eight. The reserves of both have a higher proportion of the older rums in them. 

Brugal rums are made from fermented molasses and are aged in a combination of used bourbon and whiskey barrels.

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