Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is the juice of the cranberry, which are typically squeezed and pressed to separate the juice from the fruit. By itself, cranberry juice is incredibly tart and somewhat bitter, so companies have devised many ways of blending other fruits into cranberry juice to moderate the acidity and bitterness somewhat. 

Common fruit juices blended with cranberry juice include apple, grape, and pomegranate, though strawberry, tangerine and cherry are also used. Recently, white cranberry juice has been introduced, which is made from ripe cranberries that have not changed color yet, resulting in a softer, less bitter juice which is also blended with other fruit juices. 


Some popular cocktails containing Cranberry juice

  • Pink Cougar — Citrus vodka, Limoncello, Triple sec, Lemon juice, Cranberry juice, Grenadine
  • The Quint — Light rum, Orange liqueur, Campari, Chocolate bitters, Cranberry juice
  • Red Fog — Gin, Sweet vermouth, Campari, Cranberry juice, Simple syrup
  • Catch Me If You Can — Blended Scotch, Sweet vermouth, Cassis, Cranberry juice, Orange peel
  • Summer Sunset Cooler — Citrus vodka, Ginger ale, Passion fruit syrup, Cranberry juice