1⁄2 oz Cassis, Mathilde
1 twst Orange peel (or orange slice, as garnish)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass (there should be some nice foam on top) and garnish with an orange wheel or peel.


This is a variation on The Blood and Sand which was named after a Rudolph Valentino movie, so I decided to name this drink after a modern movie. Leonardo DiCaprio is a past winner of Italy's Valentino award, so I chose "Catch Me If You Can." This recipe substitutes cranberry for orange juice and creme de cassis for cherry brandy. I halved the liqueur from the Blood and Sand to cut the sweetness down and used Punt e Mes to amp up the bitter notes.

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Is the cranberry juice here sweetened (cocktail) or pure cranberry? Tried it with the pure juice and it tastes awful. 

My guess is if the OP had to cut down the sweetness by halving the liqueur, they were using cocktail. Thanks,  Zachary