Crème de Bergamote is a type of liqueur flavored with bergamot oranges, which have an interestingly creamy soft orange aroma and flavor (almost like the difference between a Meyer lemon and a standard one). Bergamots are best known as the flavoring agent in Earl Grey tea. 

[ingredient=briottet Briottet] is one producer that makes crème de bergamote.

Some popular cocktails containing Crème de bergamote

  • Navy Rations — Rum, Sweet vermouth, Crème de bergamote, Cherry Liqueur, Pastis, Bitters, Lemon zest
  • Dolores no.2 — Rye, Overproof rum, Crème de bergamote, Amaretto, Bourbon, Lime juice, Orgeat, Hot sauce, Rich demerara syrup 2:1, Mint