Cucumber peel is the peel of the cucumber, the fruit of a trailing vine. Cucumber peels are generally waxed for shipping, so it is best to lightly scrub them under warm water to remove the wax. While there are many different kinds of cucumber in various shapes and sizes, the most common type of cucumber in American supermarkets is the slicing type, which is dark green, roughly cylindrical, and around 6-8 inches long.

The easiest way to remove the peel from a cucumber is with a swivel peeler, which will remove long, narrow strips of the dark green peel. While the peel does not have a strong aroma, it can be muddled into cocktails, or used as a garnish, especially in combination with the remainder of the cucumber.

Some popular cocktails containing Cucumber peel

  • Pimms No.1 Cup — Pimm's No. 1 Cup, Lemon soda, Orange, Lemon, Cucumber peel
  • Cognac Summit — Cognac, Lemonade, Ginger, Lime peel, Cucumber peel