Pear Vodka is vodka either artificially or naturally flavored with pears. This is different from pear eau-de-vie, which is a type of [ingredient=brandy brandy] made from pears, or pear liqueurs which are much sweeter and lower in alcohol. 

Most pear vodkas are lightly sweetened and flavored, and are around 70 proof. They have a sweet floral-fruity aroma and a delicate pear flavor. 

Some popular cocktails containing Pear Vodka

  • Kellyanne — Pear Vodka, Vanilla vodka, Pear liqueur, Dry vermouth, Apple cider, Cinnamon, Pear
  • Bye Bye Birdie — Pear Vodka, Bénédictine, Maraschino Liqueur, Lime juice
  • Autumn Leaves Under Winter Snow — Vodka, Pear Vodka, Strega, Simple syrup, Black peppercorns, Ginger, Pear