Vergano is a producer of aromatized red and white wines based in the Piedmont region of Italy owned by Mauro Vergano. He produces a red (Nebbiolo based) and a white (Muscat based) Chinato which are infused with china (quinine) bark, baking spices and herbs.

Vergano also produces an Americano, which is not as heavy or as bitter as his other Chinato wines. Vergano Americano starts with a base of organic Grignolino grape wine that is bought from Cascina Tavijn, a local producer. It is then aromatized with cinchona (china) bark and citrus, along with other herbs andpices, and lightly fortified. 

While Vergano's Americano is similar to a vermouth, it is less herbal and more baking spicy, with raspberry and flower notes from the base wine. The term "americano" refers not to the United States, but rather amer, or bitter in French.


Some popular cocktails containing Vergano Americano

  • Campari Swizzle — Martinique Rum, Campari, Falernum, Chinato, Lemon juice
  • The Beauty Beneath — Rum, Chinato, Triple sec, Bitters
  • Buffo Rosato — Rye, Chinato, Pear eau de vie, Rosato Vermouth, Cranberry bitters, Lemon peel
Vergano Americano
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