Stir, strain, cocktail glass. Orange twist garnish.

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Created by
Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Clyde Common Portland OR
Is an
authentic recipe
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3.5 stars
(3 ratings)
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Dan commented on 11/23/2011:

A bit sweet for my taste. The Vergano Americano is a touch mild-mannered. I added a 1/2 oz of lime (although maybe lemon would have better) and like it more.

I haven't opened my bottle of Vergano Americano yet. I was hoping for a less expensive but equally good alternative to Cocchi Barolo Chinato- maybe this isn't it. I'll probably start with half the cointreau when I get to trying this, as that ingredient takes over pretty quickly for me. A little citrus does sound good too.

I finally opened my Vergano Americano so I could make this. Sadly, all I taste is rum and cointreau, which is a shame because the Chinato itself is delicious. Much wiser to make the Campari Swizzle (thank you Dan!), or just mix it with some gin and maybe a bit of lime.