Appleton is a [ingredient=rum rum] producer from Jamaica that is owned by the J. Wray & Nephew company and produces rum from sugarcane grown on their estate.

The history of the Appleton Estate dates back to 1655, when the British took control of the island from the Spanish. Sugar processing and rum production dates to 1749, making Appleton Estate the oldest rum producer on the island. Today, they own 11,000 acres in the Nassau Valley and everything from production, to aging and bottling take place at the estate. Even the water Appleton uses to bring their rum to bottling strength comes from a limestone filtered spring on the estate. 

Under the guidance of Master Blender Joy Spence, Appleton makes a range of rums: Special White, Special Gold, V/X, Estate Reserve, Master Blender's Legacy, Extra 12 Year, Exclusive, 21 Year Old, 30 Year Old, and 250th Anniversary. Appleton rums with age statements on them contain rum with that minimum age -- the 12 year old is a blend of older rums with 12 year old rum.

Appleton V/X is a blend of 15 different rums, 80 proof, and is in the middle of the Appleton lineup. Appleton Reserve is similar, but a blend of 20 different rums. Both are popular mixing rums.

Appleton rums are fermented from molasses using their own strain of yeast and aged in used Jack Daniel's barrels. 

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