Amer Picon Cocktail

An Amer Picon based apéritif from Louis' Mixed Drinks, 1906
2 oz Amer Picon
1 oz Sweet vermouth
2 ds Orange Curaçao
Fill mixing-glass with ice; stir well and strain into a cocktail-glass. Squeeze a piece of orange peel on top.
I used my own house-made Amer Picon, with Vya Sweet Vermouth and Pierre Ferrand Curacao with great results.
Copyright ©2015 by Dwight Grimm
From other users
  • Bitter orange flavors dominate. Best after dinner. — ☆☆☆
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This is the ideal cocktail

This is the ideal cocktail for those who like a sweet but not too sweet drink, and those who like a chocolate-like taste. I suspect that's about 80% of adult Americans. I used Amer Picon and one of my favorite top-shelf Italian vermouths, Contratto Rosso. This is a drink that deserves a top-shelf vermouth, whatever that brand may be. And it's definitely an after-dinner drink, one to be lingered over and enjoyed. Simple to make, and easy to enjoy!