Fino Daiquiri

Fino sherry paired with unaged rhum agricole makes for a great, low-octane daiquiri.
1 12 oz Fino sherry, Lustau
12 oz Rhum Agricole, Rhum JM Blanc (the 100 proof version is key here.)
34 oz Lime juice
12 oz Rich simple syrup 2:1
Shake with ice, double strain, serve up.
The typical dry, slightly mineral and nutty flavors of the sherry come through, and it works really well with the classic grassy notes of the agricole rounding things out. A great daytime daiquiri.
Was listening to an episode of the Shift Drink podcast and Mony Bunni, who is a brand ambassador for Lustau, very briefly mentioned a fino sherry daiquiri, but didn't delve into the spec or anything. The idea sounded delicious and I happened to have an open bottle of fino in my fridge, so I gave it a whirl, pairing the fino with rhum agricole..
From other users
  • Outstanding! Not a huge daiquiri fan, but this is superb! — ☆☆☆☆☆
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