Please Me Rosy

34 oz Green Chartreuse
34 oz Coffee liqueur, Kahlua
1 oz Lime juice
13 oz Chinotto (Chinotto soda syrup)
2 ds Lavender bitters, Scrappy's Lavender
2 oz Rose petal (Dried rose buds)
Shake long, strain, coupe.
Sweetness needs to be scaled back. Nice interacton of chartreuse and coffee. The syrup is made of chinotto soda (Lurisia): same part soda+same part sugar. No heating. Refrigerated i've been keeping it for one year without issue. Very stable. It makes also a nice flavored syrup for stirred drinks. Regarding rose buds, 2 oz makes around 5 to 6 buds.


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Looks interesting flavor wise and build wise (lacks a strong base spirit).  Can you be more specific on the brands (coffee liqueur & lavender bitters)?  And recipe for the Chinotto syrup (I assume it's a reduction of the Pelligrino soda)?  And is really 2 oz of dried rose hips?  I have a locally produced rose hip liqueur (Koval) I'm looking to use up but that might be tough to sub given the other ingredients, and just adding more acid is going to blow out the nuances of the other flavors.

Applejack, i've filled the

Applejack, i've filled the recipe according to your request.

I've made a mistake using the term "hips", because it's "buds" in fact. Corrected...

I've tried the recipe with buds tincture but the freshness of buds get lost. The rose/floral notes are obvious with 5 to 6 buds. But not that much. Coffee tame a lot. 


Make sure to strain well since torn rose petals tend to get trough the strainer.


I've never tasted hips. And when you talked about acidity i 've understood there was something wrong ;)