Sherry Cobbler

4 oz Sherry
1 T Sugar
2 sli Orange (or 3)
Shake everything with shaved ice, pour over fresh ice in a tumbler (or Collins, if you're feeling modern - a julep cup if you're feeling posh), garnish with fresh fruit in season, add straws.
The sherry can be just about any kind. The sugar can be swapped out for just about any sweetener, as long as it plays well. The orange, which I'm pretty sure gets shaken with the other ingredients, can be swapped out. Just make sure there's a straw and some tasty fruit on top.
Similar cocktails
  • Bamboo Monk — Dry vermouth, Amontillado Sherry, Bénédictine, Orange bitters, Lemon peel
  • Manzanilla Old Fashioned — Manzanilla sherry, Celery bitters, Vanilla syrup, Orange peel

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Curated this. There was a

Curated this. There was a hasty version imported at the dawn of KC time and one posted last night that was effectively the same as this drink, so I merged them both into this, with proper source citations. Want to do Fino + lemon + honey syrup? Sure. Amontillado + prune syrup spiked with Armagnac + orange? You betcha. You can even use a sweet Sherry like Moscatel here, though I'd drop the sugar entirely and add enough acid for balance. Thanks,  Zachary