Undercover Angel

My on the classic Chrysanthemum utilizing Jerry Thomas' Improved Cocktail trick.
2 oz Madeira (Sercial or another dry style like Verdelho)
34 oz Bénédictine
14 oz Maraschino Liqueur
1 ds Absinthe
1 twst Lemon peel (As garnish)
Stir with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with a lemon twist
For the Yacht Rock Sunday at Loyal Nine in 2015, I wondered if I could riff on the classic Chrysanthemum by replacing the dry vermouth with a dry Madeira. In wanting to add another touch to complement the switch, I considered Maraschino liqueur which works rather well with Madeira; moreover, it would work well with the absinthe to bring about a Jerry Thomas-era Improved Cocktail feel. Instead of taking a flower naming convention with a Chrysanthemum riff like the Calla Lily, I went to the Yacht Rock Sunday playlist and chose the Undercover Angel. I don't believe that it ever made the main menu but people did request it by name over a year later.
FRY 2015
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