Wee Paunch

2 oz Irish whiskey
1 sli Lemon (lemon coin; a cut of peel and pith containing a bit of flesh and juice)
12 t Barley malt syrup
Build in glass over ice, stir, rest, sip.
Commercially available barley malt syrup is optimized for baking, not stirring, so to make it work in this drink I heat a bit of it in water on the stove until the color and flavor have mixed in. Malta sodas, such as Goya and India, have a similar flavor and can be substituted, but be careful as they are both very sweet and overwhelmingly flavorful. You want the barley to accent the whiskey, not engulf it.
Paddy's Margarita: 2 oz Irish | 1/2 oz lemon juice | 1/2 oz barley malt syrup | 1/2 oz egg white | 1 dash Boker's bitters | dry shake, shake, strain, up, top with a few drops of bitters.
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