Compass Box Whisky Company is a blender of [ingredient=scotch Scotch whisky] founded in 2000 by John Glaser, an American with a background in the wine business. 

Compass Box is a blender of whisky. They buy stock from established distilleries, blend these whiskies to their specifications, then finish the blends in barrel, if required. Many times, these blends are made from both malt whisky and grain whisky, but they do not have age statements on the label. Compass Box also makes a Limited Edition line that parallels their standard offerings, and some "one off" bottlings, usually for specific retailers.Compass Box also makes a Scotch based orange liqueur called Orangerie. 

In their Signature line,  Compass Box makes Asyla, which is a blend of both malt whiskys that come from Linkwood, Glen Elgin, and Teaninich with grain whisky from Cameron Bridge. It is bottled uncolored, not chill-filtered, and at 80 proof. It spends a year in used Bourbon barrels.

Asyla is the lightest Scotch in the Compass Box lineup. It is pale yellow in color and clear, with aromas and flavors of creamy vanilla, sweet apples, and oatmeal.

Peat Monster is a blend of 10 to 12 year old Caol Ila and 12-17 year old Ardmore mainly, finished for a year in used Bourbon barrels. It is bottled without coloring, chill filtering, and at 92 proof.

Peat Monster is a pale yellow-straw color and clear. The nose is a big whack of peatsmoke, but there's also vanilla notes, campfire, and candied lemon. The palate is oily and medium bodied, with a leathery sweetness that mixes with peatsmoke on the finish. 

Rounding out the Signature line are Oak Cross, Hedonism, and Spice Tree. In their Limited Edition line, there are Hedonism Maximus, Peat Monster Reserve, Lady Luck, Flaming Heart, and Canto Cask. Compass Box also makes a whisky called Great King Street.

Orangerie is a Scotch based [ingredient=orange-liqueur orange liqueur] flavored with hand zested Navalino orange peel, cassia and cloves. 

Orangerie is a pale golden yellow-brown and clear. The nose has a whiff of peatsmoke, with aromas of fresh orange segments, cinnamon and clove notes. The orange and the Scotch accord is quite natural and pleasant. Orangerie is not very sweet, but has a rich orange and spice finish. It is bottled at 80 proof, and is quite a nice digestif. 

Orangerie is not very substitutable for other orange liqueurs due to the Scotch influence of the spirit. In cocktails that combine orange and Scotch (the Blood and Sand) for example, it can be useful. 

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Some popular cocktails containing Compass Box Orangerie

  • Skinny Tie — Gin, Herbal liqueur, Bianco Vermouth, Orange liqueur, Bitters, Orange peel
  • Foglamp — Allspice Dram, Bonal Gentiane Quina, Amer Picon, Rye, Orange liqueur, Orange bitters, Grapefruit juice