Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual herb in the carrot family that is native to southern Europe and northern Africa. All parts of the plant are edible -- in America, the dried seeds are usually called coriander, and the fresh leaves cilantro. The roots are also used, typically in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. 

Coriander is an ancient herb, being mentioned in the Bible, cultivated by the ancient Egyptians, and used in everything from sausages and pickles in Europe to curries in Thailand, to Mexican salsas, and Belgian beers and London Dry gin

Coriander has a spicy green-lemony floral smell, which mainly derives from pinene and linalool. Coriander should not be confused with culantro (Eryngium foetidum) or Vietnamese coriander (a.k.a rau ram), which is Persicaria odorata


Some popular cocktails containing Coriander