Cream Sherry

Cream sherry is a subtype of oloroso sherry that is sweetened with arrope, or the cooked down juice of Pedro Ximinez grapes. They are usually light brown in color, and are moderately sweet and intense, with soft, nutty flavors.

Probably the best known cream sherry is Harvey's Bristol Cream. 

Some popular cocktails containing Cream Sherry

  • Samoan Fog Cutter — Puerto Rican Rum, Cream Sherry, Brandy, Gin, Ice, Lemon juice, Orange juice, Orgeat
  • The Fogcutter — Puerto Rican Rum, Brandy, Cream Sherry, Gin, Lemon juice, Orange juice, Orgeat
  • Teddy Bear — Islay Scotch, Cream Sherry, Bitters, Blackberry, CioCiaro, Soda water, Rich simple syrup 2:1
  • Whiskey Sinister — Blended Scotch, Cream Sherry, Maurin Quina, Bitters
  • Les Verts Monts — Armagnac, Bianco Vermouth, Cognac, Calvados, Cream Sherry, Bitters, Maple syrup, Apple, Lemon peel