Springbank is a producer of single malt Campbeltown Scotch. The distillery was founded (legally) in 1828 by Archibald Mitchell, and is now run by his great-great-great grand son, Hedley Wright. Wright's company also owns the Glengyle distillery, where Kilkerran is made.

The Springbank distillery is unique because it is the only distillery in Scotland that still does every step of the production of Scotch in house -- malting, distilling, maturation and bottling are all done on site. None of the Springbank whiskeys are colored or chill-filtered. 

Interestingly enough, the Springbank distillery also distills under the Longmorn and Hazelburn labels, though each brand has a different production method. 

Under the Springbank label, there are many different age statements and barrel finishes. The most common are:

Springbank CV is finished in Sherry and Port casks. It is 92 proof.

Springbank 10 is aged in used Bourbon barrels, which lends overtones of honey, vanilla and caramel. It comes in a 92 proof and a 100 proof bottling. 

Springbank 12 is a cask strength bottling at 117 proof that is aged in a blend of new and used Sherry barrels.

Springbank 15 is 92 proof and aged in Sherry barrels. It is the darkest flavored of the Springbank line, with cinnamon spicyness overlaid by dark chocolate and peatsmoke aromas and flavors.

Springbank 18 is 92 proof and aged in a blend of used Bourbon and Sherry barrels. 

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