Sweet sherry is a type of [ingredient=sherry Sherry] with noticeable residual sugar. The source of this sugar can either be from natural concentration through drying of grapes (as in the [ingredient=moscatel-sherry Moscatel] and [ingredient=pedro-ximinez-sherry Pedro Ximinez] styles) or through the addition of arrope, which is cooked down Pedro Ximinez grape juice. Sherry sweetened with arrope is typically labelled as [ingredient=cream-sherry Cream Sherry], which is typically less expensive than Moscatel or Pedro Ximinez.

All sweet Sherries have gone through the oxidative process, so they are dark and rich, with nutty-oxidative notes. They also resist further oxidation well -- some bottles of Pedro Ximinez can be open for a year without affecting the flavor of the wine. 

Some popular cocktails containing Sweet sherry

  • French Toast Flip — Sweet sherry, Apple brandy, Scotch, Allspice Dram, Bitters, Grade B maple syrup, Whole egg
  • Dinner Party — Pisco, Herbal liqueur, Sweet sherry, Bitters, Aperitivo
  • Fantail — Strega, Sweet sherry, Herbal liqueur, Ancho Reyes Verde chile liqueur, Agave syrup