French Toast Flip

1 oz Sweet sherry (Dry Sack 15, a sweetened Oloroso)
12 oz Apple brandy
12 oz Scotch
12 oz Grade B maple syrup
14 oz Allspice Dram
2 ds Bitters
1   Whole egg
Dry shake, shake, strain, garnish with freshly grated cinnamon.
Lives up to its name.
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As of April 2012, you can't

As of April 2012, you can't sweeten Oloroso sherry and still call it Oloroso - these have to be labelled as "Cream" or some other branded name. I have a feeling that since the producer and bottling is called out in the recipe, this should be Oloroso Sherry, Lustau.



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I reached out to Erick via

I reached out to Erick via Twitter and he confirmed the use of a sweeter Sherry, saying that Dry Sack 15 (which is 78% Oloroso and 22% Pedro Ximinez) works well. Some people might find that quite sweet - If you have both Oloroso and PX sherry lying around, try it with straight Oloroso, then add PX to taste.