Whole egg

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  5. Sometimes eggs are used to make Easter eggs. Like this one. 

Some cocktails contain uncooked eggs. Egg white contributes a foam head, and if well-shaken, a creamy texture, whereas egg yolk contributes body, softening and integrating the flavors. Cocktails known as flips contain a shaken whole egg. Fizzes contain carbonation, sometimes aided by a shaken egg white.

The proteins in egg white may be denaturalized when used in highly alcoholic or acidic cocktails, resulting in unappetizing white threads. To minimize this, add the egg white last, after all diluting ingredients.

Health risk. Consumption of raw eggs may result in illness due to contamination with Salmonella bacteria or similar pathogens. U.S. commercial farmers use a solution to quickly sanitize eggs after laying. To minimize the risk, use fresh eggs with perfect shells. Prudent sanitary practice would suggest thorough washing of bartending tools which have touched the egg cocktail prior to reuse. The very concerned could wash the egg shell again at home prior to use.

A large study of egg contamination by the US. Department of Agriculture pegs the risk at about 1:30,000 per egg, or 1.2% per year if you ate one raw egg every single day. Production procedures in other countries vary, and therefore the risk may vary as well.  Wikipedia on eggs and health risks.

Some popular cocktails containing Whole egg

  • Smoke 'n Choke — Stout, Cynar, Scotch, Chocolate bitters, Whole egg, Brown sugar coffee syrup
  • Meletti Lemon Flip — Meletti Amaro, Whole egg, Lemon juice, Rich simple syrup 2:1
  • Islay Cynar Flip — Islay Scotch, Cynar, Whole egg, Simple syrup, Brovo Amaro #14, Nutmeg
  • Guyana Flip — Rum, Cynar, Port, Demerara syrup, Nutmeg, Whole egg
  • Praying Mantis — Branca Menta, Stout, Dark Crème de Cacao, Amaro, Mint Bitters, Whole egg