White wine is a type of [ingredient=wine wine] that lacks pigments from the skins of grapes. It is possible to make white wine from red grapes if the skins are removed from the fermentation tank immediately after crushing. Most grapes whether the skins are red or white have clear juice. Those that do not are called teinturier -- Alicante Bouchet and some hybrids have red juice. 

White wine ranges in color from nearly colorless to golden. Some producers make a white wine with orange or green tones to it through unique fermentation and aging processes. 

As white wines age, they do so from the inside out -- pour a glass of white wine and tilt the glass at a 45 degree angle. The deepest part of the wine, called the core, will show color development first, and it moves outward from the core to the rim, the thinnest part of the wine. As they age, white wines go from pale or straw yellow to golden and amber tones. 

Due to their lack of pigments, white wines are typically lower in tannin than their red counterparts. While some white wines spend time in oak barrels (Chardonnay is a good example of white wines with oak aging), many, like Riesling or Chenin Blanc, are fermented and aged in stainless steel or neutral barrels, which provide no oak flavor, but promote oxidation through the pores of the wood. 

Generally, white wines smell more of primary fruit and flowers than red wines. Some white wines retain residual sugar to balance high acidity. White wines are often very good pairs for seafood and fish dishes, but delicate meats such as chicken or pork also work well with the more delicate flavors of white wines. White wines with some residual sugar can successfully pair with spicy food, such as Thai, Vietnamese, or Cajun cuisine.

Some popular cocktails containing White wine

  • Paloma Sangria — White wine, Blanco tequila, Grapefruit juice, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Salt
  • The Green Veil — Pisco, White wine, Elderflower liqueur, Herbal liqueur, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Kiwi
  • Kir — White wine, Cassis
  • Vin d'Orange — White wine, Vodka, Sugar, Orange, Lemon, Vanilla Bean
  • Bavarian Bridegroom's Cup — White wine, Kirschwasser, Strawberry, Mint
  • Moonlight — Gin, White wine, Kirschwasser, Grapefruit juice, Lemon peel