Aunt Emily

34 oz Calvados
34 oz Gin
34 oz Dry apricot brandy
34 oz Orange juice
1 ds Grenadine (for color)
Shake hard, serve up.
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Curated slightly. I removed

Curated slightly. I removed dry from gin because gin is assumed to be dry (contrast to Genever or Old Tom Gin). I also removed dry from Apricot Liqueur" and replaced it with Dry Apricot Brandy. I think this is the ingredient that you mean -- aged distilled fermented apricot juice -- rather than a neutral spirit of some sort, flavored with apricot (apricot liqueur). I'm I'm in error, feel free to change it back.

Finally got around to trying

Finally got around to trying this and followed Charles H. Baker's admonition to use DRY apricot brandy as opposed to something like Brizard Apry. I used the Blume Marillen, Laird's Bonded Apple Brandy, Beefeater and my own grenadine. The drink is actually delicious (not a given with Charles H.) and very dry with an elusive taste. As you sip, the apple just begins to intrude and then is gently but firmly pushed aside by the botanicals of he gin while the orange hovers around providing a bass line. It's a good drink!