Orange juice

Orange juice is the juice of the orange, the hesperide fruit of a evergreen, flowering tree native to China. Orange juice is produced by mechanically crushing the fruit segments, liberating a pale orange liquid from the ruptured cell walls. Typically, some of the oils expressed from the peel will be found in the juice as well, giving homemade orange juice a fresh, sharp orange aroma. In large commercial operations (especially those that rely on vacuum concentration of juice into concentrate), these oils are added back into the juice to mimic the taste of fresh orange juice.

Orange juice has a pH somewhere between 2.9 and 4.2, with most examples being closer to 4. It also has around 100 grams of sugar per liter. 

Brazil  produces 53% of the world's orange juice, usually exported as Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate (FCOJ), for which there is an international market. A large portion of the orange juice sold in the United States is a blend of Brazilian and domestic production. 

Some popular cocktails containing Orange juice

  • Cradle of Life — Light rum, Spiced Rum, Herbal liqueur, Bitters, Orgeat, Lemon juice, Lime juice, Orange juice
  • Morantum — Puerto Rican Rum, Crème de Fraise, Orange juice, Maple syrup, Balsamic Vinegar
  • Garibaldi — Prosecco, Campari, Orange juice, Orange
  • Bask — Campari, Kirschwasser, Orange juice
  • Otto's Kin — Dark rum, Campari, Chinotto, Orange juice, Lime juice