1 12 oz Campari
1 12 oz Orange juice
34 oz Kirschwasser
Shake, Rocks, Lowball
Delicious. Maybe not quite as good as a Shiver, but still very good
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  • I like this idea but think I just have a hangup with kirschwasser. — ☆☆☆
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Thank you very much. I have

Thank you very much. I have to admit that it was inspired by the even better Shiver. The Shiver, however, required Clear Creek Eau de Vie of Douglas Fir, which is both hard to find and quite expensive (about $50/375ml, or $133/liter). Bask is easy to make and Kirschwasser is readily available and more likely to be in one's liquor cabinet that just about any other equ de vie, I think. It is full of bright sunshine.