Black Dahlia

3 12 oz Citrus vodka
34 oz Raspberry liqueur
34 oz Coffee liqueur
Stir with ice until very cold, and serve straight up with a lemon twist.
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I made this with St. George

I made this with St. George products: their raspberry liqueur, buddha's hand vodka and Firelit coffee liqueur. Was skeptical, but these flavors are fabulous together -- the coffee and raspberry comes through as a chocolate note. Very nice balance of sweet, bitter, and sour.

"Black Dahlia" can signify a

"Black Dahlia" can signify a warning of impending harm--even death. Well, fortunately, those who drink the "Black Dahlia" will come to no harm. On the contrary, they will experience a wonderful cocktail, layered with multiple flavors that include chocolate, rasberries, citrus, sweetness, and even some tartness. Complex, yes; tasteful, definitely.

Like "Bluetwist," who also commented on this cocktail, I, too, was somewhat skeptical as to how well these three ingredients would work out. I used Kahlúa, Crème de Frambosises by Gabriel Boudier, and Citron Absolute vodka. Using these products, I rated the "Black Dahlia" at 3.5. Had I used the products that "Bluetwist" used, I probably would have rated the drink at 4.0. Based on my experience using St. George products, I can comfortably say that St. George puts out high-quality products. I especially like their gins.

So, again my friend, put aside any fears you have about this "Black Dahlia." Get out these three rather common ingredients, mix, stir, strain, and enjoy a luscious drink.