Bob Stinson

Well a person can work up a mean mean thirst after a long day of nothin' much at all
12 oz Beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon (ice cold)
1 oz Bourbon, Wild Turkey 101
14 oz Bitters, Angostura (6-8 dashes)
Pour the ice cold beer into a mason jar along with the whiskey and bitters. Stir gently. Drink.
Bob Stinson was the founding guitarist of The Replacements, the rowdiest, drunkest bar band of its time, until he was kicked out for excessive boozing. Here's a better, bittered boilermaker worthy of the man. Pour yourself one of these, throw on "Bastards of Young," kick back, ponder how much you would have to drink to get kicked out of The Replacements, toast Bob's memory, take a sip, enjoy.
I'm proud to be the first person on Kindred Cocktails to specify brand PBR.
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