Caipirinha Pasión

2 oz Cachaça, Leblon
12   Lime (Cut into pieces)
12 oz Passion fruit syrup (Or more to taste)
1 bsp Aperol
Muddle passion fruit syrup and limes. Add remaining ingredients and ice, shake and pour (don't strain) into an Old Fashioned glass.
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  • Tasty. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Cachaça- sweet, sour
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christina in tacoma's picture

Hey Scott, thanks for the

Hey Scott, thanks for the recipe. Today was an almost summery day in the northwest, so I gave this a shot. I have a bottle of Passoa that doesn't get a lot of use; I used it in place of the syrup and it seemed to work well. I have Leblon cachaca, and I'm not crazy about it.. But your recipe is a great idea and the best use for my Leblon that I have tried so far, though I look forward to trying other brands. I also love the Aperol addition :)

sjdiaz21's picture

Thanks Christina. You know,

Thanks Christina. You know, funny you mentioned Leblon not being your favorite because that's why I thought of this drink. I find it has a little too much musk and funk to it so I was trying to find a use for it. I usually just go with the daily drinker Cachaca 51. Novo Fogo Silver would make a fine choice as well. Cheers!

I used Pitu, its a nice not

I used Pitu, its a nice not too funky cachaca...cut back on the lime a bit, as I wanted it to be a tart undercurrent and not up front. Instead of Passion Fruit syrup I used Goya frozen passionfruit pulp and a 1/2 shot of simple syrup per drink. Tried it with Bittercube Bolivar bitters, not sure with all the other flavors if that made much of a difference.

I love this could inspire me to drink Eight Days a Week, as the Beatles once sang...