Shake well over ice and serve straight up

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Created by
The Gallows, Boston, MA
Is of
unknown authenticity


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4 stars
(40 ratings)
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From other users
  • Very balanced. Hard to pick a dominant taste. Lime and vermouth and some tang from elderflower, but less than you'd think from an oz. Prob a 4.5, but different enough to not be a variant, so it's a 5.
  • Great cocktail! Love it! — ★★★★★
  • 1.25 oz tequila .75 lime juice .5 oz st germaine .5 mezcal .5 punt e mes — ★★★
  • So much elderflower liquor!
  • Mezcalicious
  • The mezcal smoke (I used Vida) is misfitting, to my palate. Perhaps cutting it way back (even to just a rinse) would be more to my taste.
  • Very good, really like this.
  • KF likes
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