Cocoa Puff Smash

2 oz Green Chartreuse (Cocoa Puff-infused)
12 oz Crème de Cacao, Tempus Fugit
3 wdg Lemon
8 lf Mint
Muddle lemon wedges and mint leaves, add the rest of the ingredients and shake with ice, double strain over ice in a rocks glass, garnish with Cocoa Puffs and mint, serve with straws.
Cocoa Puff-infused Chartreuse: crush 4 oz Cocoa Puffs and shake vigorously in a bottle of Chartreuse, letting sit for at least an hour. Strain, bottle, refrigerate.
From other users
  • Muddled a handful of Cocoa Pebbles with the lemon and mint instead of infusing. — ☆☆☆☆