Crimean Cup a la Marmora

4   Lemon
6 oz Sugar
5 oz Soda water
32 oz Orgeat
12 oz Cognac
8 oz Jamaican rum
8 oz Maraschino Liqueur
50 oz Champagne (chilled)
Take the peels from the lemons and muddle with the sugar for a minute or two until the sugar is moist. Add the juice from the lemons, add the soda water, and stir to dissolve. Add orgeat, and whisk hard "in order to whiten the composition". Add brandy, rum, and Maraschino. Strain into a punchbowl, and add Champagne, stirring in gently.
A couple of things. I'm assuming that "2 bottles of soda water" in the original recipe would be the same volume as "2 bottles of Champagne". With the volume of soda and Champagne being equal, this is about 180 ounces, which means 1 drink = 6 ounces.
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Curated, in a big way. Turned

Curated, in a big way. Turned the drink from a single serving into a punch. It now follows the recipe in "How to Mix Drinks". I had to guess on the volume of the soda water, but it makes sense. It does make you wonder, though, as Champagne back in the day was typically much sweeter than we prefer it today, and it already has 32 ounces of orgeat, sugar, and Maraschino (!).

Hmmm. Much less useful for

Hmmm. Much less useful for everyday use when written as a 50 serving recipe. I've made this as an individual cocktail. The ratios are such that it doesn't scale back to a single cocktail. Now sure what's best here.

To anyone wanting to make a

To anyone wanting to make a single server, just change the yield to 1 drink, and click Change. The recipe will be scaled down to a single serving.