Delicious Sour

1 12 oz Apple brandy
1 12 oz Peach liqueur
12 oz Lime juice
1 t Sugar (rounded)
1   Egg white
12 oz Soda water
Dry shake, shake, strain.
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  • Made with peche de vigne. A wonderful summer libation! — ☆☆☆☆
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OK, I'm in the process of

OK, I'm in the process of fixing this drink - it's a classic, but the link was dead. Updated link to original 1892 source. So about this - the text is the juice of a lime, a spoon of sugar, a squirt of seltzer, then 1/2 applejack and 1/2 peach brandy and an egg white. Shaken and served in a goblet. Before the mid 70's, applejack wasn't GNS + apple brandy but Lairds has fixed that now with a straight version. I'm guessing the peach brandy wasn't aged. I'm ok with a 19th century lime being 1/2 oz. If I had to guess, the volumes of the spirits should be 1.5 oz which would make this 5 ounces pre-shake and 6 1/4 post which I'm guessing would fill a "goblet". Does anyone have thoughts about the rationale? Thanks,  Zachary

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I'm drinking one of these -

I'm drinking one of these - .5 lime and a fat teaspoon of white sugar, .5 club soda, 1 egg white, 1.5 ea peach brandy (unaged) and Laird's Bonded. I'm going to set the recipe as this because it is kind of delicious. I suppose it's a sour by 19th century standards, as the .5 lime is more for aroma than much else. It's a shame that peach brandy is hard to find and expensive when you do. For posterity, the former recipe was 2 oz of the brandies, 1 oz lime, 1 bsp sugar, 1 egg white and 2 oz soda. Thanks,  Zachary