3⁄4 oz Salers Gentiane
3⁄4 oz Campari
3⁄4 oz Cynar
3⁄4 oz Fernet

Stir, strain, up, chilled coupe.


The original has Bonal in place of the Salers.

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Curated this. Rewrote instructions to avoid copyright. Added date and source citation.

Fernet overpowers the drink, might be best to reduce it in half.

In my opinion, Fernet Branca is overhyped and often (mis)used in cocktails where the menthol overpowers the drink. That's great if you love Fernet Branca - but not the point of making a cocktail, in my opinion. Since the instructions for this drink simply say "Fernet" (as does the original, although its accompanying picture shows a bottle of Fernet Branca) I decided that one could choose whatever type of Fernet one liked, and I used Fernet Vallet, which bumped this up from three stars to a weak four stars for me. I also used Bonal as in the original.