Fanciulli Manhattan

1 12 oz Bourbon
34 oz Sweet vermouth
14 oz Fernet Branca
Stir with ice, strain into cocktail glass
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The Fanciulli Manhattan is an

The Fanciulli Manhattan is an interesting yet flawed drink, in my estimation. Why do I say this? I'm fond of all three ingredients, but when put together with the given recipe, the small amount of Fernet Branca overwhelms the other two ingredients. I used Maker's Mark bourbon and Dolin sweet vermouth for the other ingredients. The resulting cocktail I rated as 3.5.

My suggestion is to use either an overproof bourbon (such as Baker's or Basil's) or a bourbon with more overtones than Maker's Mark (such as Dickel's 8 year Tennessee sour mash, or Jim Beam black). The other alternative is to use a quality rye instead of the bourbon. For now, I'm calling the Fanciulli Manhattan a work in progress, and hope that with the changes I suggested, it will become a cocktail that will be rated consistently at a 4.0 or higher.