1⁄2 oz Honey Liqueur, Krupnikas
3⁄4 oz Apple Shrub
1⁄2 oz Cinnamon syrup (1:1 syrup, canela cinnamon)
5 dr Kosher Salt (Saline solution - 4:1 filtered water to kosher salt)

Place larger side of cocktail shaker inside of smaller tin to keep your hand from burning. Add all ingredients and use milk steaming wand from espresso machine to heat. Pour into Tom and Jerry glass and fill with very hot water. Garnish with a lemon twist with a clove pinned through the middle.


Apple shrub recipe: Cut 3 honey crisp and 3 fuji apples in small dice. Add to sanitized glass jar. Cover fruit with quality apple cider vinegar. Cover top of jar with cheesecloth and rubber band. Let sit for 5-7 days. Strain fruit through chinois and gently press solids to extract any juice. Dump solids. Weigh liquid and add equal weight in superfine white sugar. Blend until sugar is dissolved. Keep refrigerated and serve for up to a month. Recipe typically yields ~1000 grams liquid.

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