The Glorious Fourth

Published in The Flowing Bowl, an 1892 cocktail book written by William Schmidt.
2 oz Brandy
12 oz Lime juice (Juice of one lime)
4 ds Simple syrup (Gum Syrup)
1 ds Jamaican rum
34 oz Vanilla ice cream (Calls for 1 scoop, feel free to estimate here)
Long shake, strain into a coupe.
I used - 1/4-1/2 oz of Gum Syrup, and 1/8 oz Jamaican Rum and it was very tasty, maybe increase the Jamaican rum a bit. This cocktail is wild the lime and Ice cream seem like such an odd pairing but it's similar to an orange creamsicle with a good dose of Brandy holds it altogether similar to Benedictine's role in most of it's cocktails.
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