Jack's Acid Trip

1 12 oz Apple brandy
12 oz Grenadine
1 pn Malic acid (3/4 g)
1 pn Citric acid (1/2 g)
1 ds Bitters, Scrappy's Lime
1 twst Lime peel (expressed and discard)
Combine at room temperature and stir until acid is dissolved. Stir with cracked ice, strain, serve up, express and discard lime peel.
Inspired by Kevin Liu's Martini Sour. Malic acid has strong green apple notes.
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bevx's picture

Very nice. I didn't have the

Very nice. I didn't have the malic acid, so I doubled down on citric. Came out a touch too tart, but a tiny dribble of simple made it better. I imagine different grenadines affect the sweet/tart ratio quite a bit (I used Sonoma Syrups). Wish I wasn't out of Laird's 7 1/2 Yr. I bet the extra oakiness would play well here.

DrunkLab's picture

Glad you liked it. My

Glad you liked it. My preferred apple brandy for Jack Roses (including this variant) is a mix of Laird's Bonded with the 7 1/2. You get the rounded oakiness of the older expression with the punch and fruit of the 100 proof.