1 oz Strega
1 23 oz Dry vermouth (Popcorn infused (sous vide))
2 bsp Fernet Branca
1   Ginger ale
1 twst Orange peel
Build in a tall glass over ice. Top up with ginger ale. Serve with popcorn on the side.
Had it at Bocum (Palermo, Sicily) with Gianluca behind the stick.
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The instagram for the

The instagram for the cocktail says "Vermouth infused with Pop Corn (Sous-Vide at room temperature for 24 hours)".

I've not had this drink, so am just guessing at a starting point... Put a handful of popcorn and 50 g of clarified butter per 250 mL of vermouth, vacuum-sealed (using either a chamber sealer and bag or the jar sealing attachment of a cheaper vacuum unit), left for a day, & double-strained. Possibly add salt.

I'm impatient, so would probably try rapid infusion via iSi instead & tweak ratios to personal taste (or taste memory for those who have had the drink).