Spit & Polish

a refreshing highball fixer/elixir
4 oz Green tea (cooled, on which you will build the drink)
2 oz Gin, Nolet's
2 oz Strega
2 oz Dry vermouth
1 oz Triple sec, Cointreau
1 ds Grapefruit bitters, Scrappy's Grapefruit
4 oz Sparkling water
Build in a tall (20 oz double-walled) glass tumbler, start with cooled, previously brewed (organic Numi loose) green gunpowder tea, add ice cubes then splash over the listed ingredients, topping them off with (Voss) sparkling water, gently stir.
Inspiration came from my wanting to counter the fruity Pez candy-ish profile of the Nolet's Silver gin. The smoky green gunpowder tea holds it in check, while Strega tames it elegantly, along with the dry vermouth. Triple sec and Grapefruit bitters add a citrus sheen. This one is a cool, nuanced, multi-layered sipper.
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