Sukker Shack

I said "I'll try maple syrup and aquavit"
1 oz Irish whiskey, Bushmill's
1 oz Aquavit, Gamle Ode Celebration
13 oz Orange juice
14 oz Maple syrup
2 ds Peychaud's Bitters
Stir with ice; garnish with orange twist.
The Gamle Ode Celebration aquavit has a sweeter, smoother nose than other varieties. Dill and caraway with juniper and vanilla. The maple syrup is saying hi from across the room at 1/4 oz; it's giving you a hearty hug at 1/2oz.
I had to finish the end of a bottle of maple syrup before I could open the next one, and, so, cocktail. I said "I feel kinda herby" and, so, aquavit.
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